IBM Q System One quantum computing on a Raspberry Pi?

IBM Q System One: the world’s first commercial, integrated, universal, approximate quantum computing system…

…on a Raspberry Pi?

What is a quantum computing system?

An excellent question and, while some of you may know the answer, here is Kurzgesagt‘s ‘in a nutshell’ explanation of quantum computing for the rest of us:

Qrasp — quantum computing on a Raspberry Pi

After seeing a press announcement for IBM’s Q System One, the first-ever commercial quantum computer, IBM Q Ambassador Hassi Norlen decided he wanted his own, and reached for his trusty Raspberry Pi to build one.

“This will not be easy,” he admits on his Medium blog post for the Qrasp project. “IBM Q System One is, after all, a cloud-based quantum computing offering, with the main hardware, cryostats, quantum chips, and all locked away in the IBM labs.”

Hassi goes on to explain the list of required ingredients for building your own Qrasp, including the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT, and the programs one can run on the finished device.

It’s a great blog post, and to save me summarising it here, check it out for yourself. You’ll also find a link to the GitHub repo for Qrasp, and other tidbits of information on making the most out of the final build.


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Nice to see this blog on Quantum Computing with your Raspberry. To some kind it is a late proof for an old post in the forum:

Have fun with Quantum Computing and your Raspberry Pi.

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Looks interesting .. went through the documentation but could not get qiskit to install .. pip3 install qiskit
Gave me:
Could not find version that satisfies the requirement qiskit-aer==0.1.1 (from qiskit) (from version 0.1.0) No matching distribution found for qiskit-aer==0.1.1 (from qiskit)


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