How was your Pi Day?

Greetings. I trust you had a splendid March 14th or, if you’re one of us, Pi Day, yesterday. Yes, we know it doesn’t really work unless you use the American date format, but for one day a year, we’re glad our friends across the pond put the day and the month the wrong way round. Just for the one day.

Pi Day 2023 World of Engineering mirror image pi number
Spoiler alert

We always love to see what you create to mark the day the maker community has claimed as its own, so we’ve rounded up a few things we liked. While we can’t share absolutely everything, we send a huge thank-you to absolutely everyone who tagged us on social media to show us some love.

Celebrate by supporting young makers

Before we get started with our vanity fair, might you consider celebrating Pi Day by supporting the Raspberry Pi Foundation? You can donate £13.14, £31.42, or any other amount, no matter how small. Your gift will provide young learners with access to free online coding and digital making projects.

You’re a winner, baby

We are at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany this week and we got to witness our friends at OnLogic celebrate Pi Day in a wonderfully apt fashion. They won Best in Show for their Factor 202 industrial Raspberry Pi computer. Top work.

OnLogic at Embedded World 2023
A winning partnership

Pink hair, we absolutely do care

Over on Mastodon, user ishotjr (below left) took to the dye bottle to mark the occasion. We loved it and we are also now seriously considering whether a uniform team hair colour is something we could enforce.

The award for most digits of Pi achieved in a single piece of Pi Day content goes to another Mastodon native, Philip Schiller. He captured an Apple Watch on March 14, 2015 at approx 9:26:5358 AM (aka 3.14159265358). Stunning.

Delicious AI imagery

Don’t pretend like you’re any better than the rest of us and haven’t been asking AI image generators to create various visual hellscapes. @MackinMaker shared their Raspberry Pi board and raspberry-filled pie mashups on Twitter.

pi dat 2023 AI generated images from twitter
None of these are edible

That’s amore

One of our favourite nerdy teachers, Nicholas Provenzano, went old school and made a ton of pies. One of them included a delightfully colour-coordinated message, but the best one is the pizza because now we have “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pi(e)…” stuck in our heads.

pi day 2023 The Nerdy Teacher on Twitter

Saved the best for last

World of Engineering came through with the finest mirror work we’ve seen since the bathroom cabinet shot in the movie Contact. We are shocked and we are enthralled.

Pi Day 2023 World of Engineering mirror image pi number

Over to you

We get tagged in so much good stuff each year that we can’t keep up. Please take a second to post a link to something cool you saw, or a favourite maker you would like to highlight in the comments section below. Do also feel free to show us your own Raspberry Pi builds. Cheers to another year, Pi family.


Kevin McAleer avatar

For Pi Day I shared a link to the Pico Deck I made a while back, its a 3d printable stand for the Pimoroni Pico RGB Keypad. I’ve added some software (written in MicroPython) so you can create shortcut keys to help you get more work done. Its like a Stream deck, only way cooler and about 10% of the price!
Read more about it here:

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Love those keypads from Pim ♥️

OnLogic avatar

Thanks for including us, and thank to the Raspberry Pi team at Embedded World for taking a moment to snap that group photo with us. The Factor 202 ( has been a huge hit, and that’s in large part thanks to the amazing CM4. Happy Pi day!

solar3000 avatar

Happy pi day. Yes, I’m in the ‘new world’.

Simon Prickett avatar

I got my old electromechanical bus flip dot sign up and running as a live aircraft tracker and made a video about it here

Ashley Whittaker avatar


Shane Battye avatar

I mounted my RPi on a Mini-ITX carrier board/solderable breadboard :D

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Love those controllers Shane

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