Home automation. For your Galaxy-class starship.

This is a work-in-progress from Ludwig Boltzmann. And we love it. Ludwig says he will upload his code to Github when he’s satisfied it’s properly polished, but we liked what we saw in this video at this unfinished stage so much that we wanted to show it to you now.

Can it be used to play Lifeforms so we can sing along, Ludwig?

Read more about how Ludwig’s making this system work over at YouTube.


Andy avatar

OMG! How cool will that be when its coupled to a touch screen.
Love it :-)

Drone avatar

There is more an more scripting on the RPi site. Why do I have to let some (yet again) third party called “embedly.com” access to my machine just to see the embedded YouTube video?

Ben Nuttall avatar

Embedly is a WordPress feature that makes it easier for us to embed videos.

jm avatar

Can’t you host that piece of javascript here?

/me remembers back when when a site had everything you needed to view its contents without referring to half the intertubes… (get off my lawn)

Bruce avatar

What Ludwig did is GREAT! Ludwig, is the code in Java? When the door was opened, I expected the Star Trek “red alert” sound. I thought that would be awesome! I can hardly wait to see the code! – Bruce

Dustin Speckhals avatar

It looks like C++ to me. I’m ready to take a look at the source! Very nice design!

Misel avatar

No-one likes nit-pickers (almost No-one ;) ) but I just have to add this here.

In Star Trek there never was a mention of an “Enterprise Class”. Besides the ship schematics seen in the upper right part of the video is an Intrepid class space ship such as the Voyager.

Luke avatar

The video sais it self
I’d love to get my hands on this piece of code

Miguel avatar

I’d suggest a ‘fridge door status’ alert somewhere in there :) Mine stays open nights at a time if I’m don’t close it with decisiveness! :)

Cool system. Nicer still with wireless sensors! I’d rig my entire house, get readings on power consumption and the like :)

Lovely work!

Pygar2 avatar

Where did you get the HQ versions of the sound effects?! WANT! Thanks!

3xBackup's avatar

I predict CBS legal issues

3xBackup's avatar

Although since it is open source and no money is involved maybe not.

Comjosh64 avatar

My understanding is that Gene Roddenberry had it in his contract that they could not go after anyone who developed working technology based on his ideas. You can’t sell “Star Trek” coffee mugs without paying them royalties, but you CAN build a functional transporter. I think this counts as functional LCARS!

Gétur Fránsson avatar

well, this is spooky. guest how I named my raspi, months ago when I purchased it.
Ludwig. after Boltzmann, the 19th century Austrian physicist.

anyway, kudos to my raspi’s namesake. :)

Jason Hornbrook avatar

Yes, I don’t recall an “Enterprise Class”, but the Ship named Enterprise was a Galaxy Class Starship. That’s from Star Trek – The Next Generation.

liz avatar

OK, OK. I’m sorry.

Horrifyingly, that was something I knew once: I was a member of my university’s Star Trek Society, and romanced Eben against a backdrop of memorabilia from Forbidden Planet.

AndrewS avatar

In case that’s a phrase that doesn’t translate to Jim’s side of the Atlantic – http://forbiddenplanet.com/

Jim Manley avatar

Well, thank goodness it wasn’t the desert planet where Kirk fought the Gorn in the episode “Arena”, or you two might not have hit it off as well and the Pi might never have become the wild success it has! :lol:

liz avatar

Yeah. It was more a “Pon Farr” sort of arrangement, really.

Jim Manley avatar

I just LOVE this! Copyright, Schmopyright, let the lawyers bang their heads (or whatever it is they have in the place of them) against a wall and hold their breath until they turn blue in the face in protest. An alternative would be a “2001: A Space Odyssey” themed panel, with voice command that requires manual over-riding after requesting to, “Open the pod bay doors, HAL.” :lol:

meltwater avatar

I think Star Trek are quite protective of the LCARS concept (from what I recall with media center themes and phone themes in the past, they were killed quickly) so it may well end up being shut-down.

Would be a real shame though since they have really made it look both beautiful and functional. I guess wait and see, perhaps attitudes have improved.

An elite themed one may stand a better chance, particularly if viewed as promotional/fan benefit rather than IP.

Homer Hazel avatar

You can talk about Star Trek all you want. As soon as the source becomes available, I am definitely getting (or does one say fitting) this. I have some home automation and my new big house definitely needs better control.

Homer Hazel avatar

Darn, I was trying to be cute and iPad spelled corrected me and I did not get to put “gitting” like I wanted.

Jimmy Foster avatar

I remember reading that Gene Roddenberry said if anyone could develop a working LCARS interface, that they were free to do so.

(I can’t find the source right now and maybe there’s no way to verify any of it)

Since CBS/Paramount got involved, anything slightly resembling LCARS gets the smack down.

Wesley Crusher avatar

Now that’s a project I want to do! Nice mix of wired/wireless (if I’m not mistaken) hardware and accomplished coding with cool graphics.

That copyright discussion would be fun…

To the Judge:
“m’lord, the prosecution has not established exactly which ‘console’ on any Star Trek ‘ship’ actually perfomed any of the functions this does?”

To the prosecution witness:
“I put it to you that the ‘screens’ on board the ‘Enterprise’ were nothing more than pieces of coloured glass with no function what so ever and what my client has done is to actually make the damn thing work. Instead of prosecuting him you should employ him”

FlexZero avatar

which language is used to code GUI Qt?

Diogo avatar

Can you describe the hardware you use in it?

Fernando avatar

This is awesome!
When can we take a look at the source code? :-)

Finabar avatar

This would be amazing to have, any updates on this? Did CBS kill it? If not anyone know how close he is to publishing the code?

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