Games console and projector hidden inside gorgeous wooden box

Redditor mw33121 wanted a small portable projector to play games and watch films, but they also have amazing woodworking skills and an appreciation for aesthetics. So they crafted a custom enclosure to cloak the electrics.

wooden box games console
We love a classic “bananas for scale” photo

What’s in the booooox?

Inside, there’s a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, a small amp, two 46mm speakers, a small portable projector, and a lithium battery board. Two extra mini fans inside help with the thermals.

The maker chose an Aikuri P09-II projector. It’s about the size of an iPhone, and performance-wise, they’re impressed so far.

wooden box games console

The Raspberry Pi here runs EmulationStation, a theme-able emulator front end that allows the keeper of the beautiful wooden box to play all the retro video games they want.

If you thought playing Mario Kart was fun on a poxy TV screen, wait till you’re tearing down the Rainbow Road projected onto a giant wall.

wooden box games console

Charging happens via a USB-C port, and mw33121 reckons the system should easily be able to cope with a full-length movie. They’ve also cut out a panel on the top for access to the protector controls. Gameplay is via wireless rechargeable gaming control pads.

Wondrous woodwork

Electronics aside, our favourite thing about this project is the fabulous handcrafted box created to house everything. It’s made mainly from maple and walnut, with some Indian rosewood. The delicate triangular dovetailing is a particularly impressive detail.

The genius woodworking maker matched the projector’s fan positioning with their own gaps in the wooden case, complete with steampunky mini-grate detail. Everything stays cool for “several hours at a time with no drama.”

It’s definitely something that would look amazing on display even when it’s not in use. Much more sleek and sophisticated than the big plastic projector squatting on my living room shelf.


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i mitgt make one

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Awesome job! I love it every detail in the woodwork. Well done.

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It’s awesome, working with Raspberry Pi always gives me energy, thank you very much

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