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Liz: Robotics is a really powerful way to get kids excited about programming and electronics, and a Kickstarter from Formula AllCode, with its integrated course, has all the elements you need to get a kid from zero to robot overlord. I asked Liam Walton from Matrix TSL, the people behind Formula AllCode, to write a few words for us about what they’re doing with the project. 

We think the Formula AllCode robotics course is great for makers to test their skills and capabilities; it’s also great for introducing learners to programming and robotics in a fun and motivating way.

Raspberry Pi is one of the hosts you can use for this neat little robot from Matrix TSL​, designed as part of a course in robotics that aims to cater for beginners and advanced users alike. It’s controlled over Bluetooth from any platform that can support the Bluetooth RFCOMM protocol, so you can program for it in just about anything (popular examples are provided).


Matrix TSL have also written a full tutorial about how users will talk to the Formula AllCode robot using the Raspberry Pi.


Kitted out with a variety of sensors, microphone, speakers and LCD display, and with capacity for expansion, it has plenty of appeal, and it’s on Kickstarter now with 16 days left to go. You can back the project by clicking here.

The project itself consists of:

  • The Formula AllCode robot
  • A FREE course in robotics
  • Accessories used to learn, including graphical mat and maze walls


The robot can be used with a number of hosts, including Raspberry Pi. A low cost robot buggy, the AllCode is great for makers to test their skills and capabilities using an interesting and diverse platform or for introducing younger school children to programming and robotics in a fun and motivating way with huge scope for further work and competitions.


The video below explains more about the vision for Formula AllCode and provides some examples of what the robot itself can achieve when used with Raspberry Pi and other devices.

The Formula AllCode Kickstarter campaign runs until 4th September. To back the campaign from as little as £5 click here.


bluecar1 avatar

love the idea of the kit, but can’t help thinking it is a little to pricey

the kit is full of functionality, looks good quality and well made, but i think the price might limit the audience

ColinD avatar

Superb, awesome even.

AdamJ avatar

As bluecar1 says, this looks fantastic, but a bit too pricey for me. £50 for the unit rather than £100 pre-launch and £150 post-launch and I’d be there!

Has made me interested to look at the other Pi robot kits out there, though…

Liam avatar

Hi guys, Liam here from Matrix. Great comments, we’ll take them on board thank you. Spec of the robot – metal gears etc. has meant we have set this price levle. Plus, we’re aiming at an education market of students more than anything – 16 and upwards. This is more than just a robot buggy – rather ‘full course in robotics’ and as a result there is a lot of I.P in the course that will accompany the robot itself.

All the same, your comments are great and we’ll take them into account. Hopefully this will be funded via Kickstarter. If not, keep an eye out for updates as we’re looking into funding the project anyway, regardless of Kickstarter success, such has been the awesome reactions we’ve had!

Werner avatar

Great kit and a good idea for beginners. I’m currently working on a Raspberry Pi based robot and also use IR sensors and that stuff.

A ready to use kit is a good option for students. Hope there will be one based on the Pi too.

Steve Tandy avatar

I’ve just published a new blog about using our new robot buggy with Raspberry Pi here:

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