European Maker Week

A large part of the Raspberry Pi community identify as makers. We all love to make things – from robots to yarn to pottery to art – and share our creations with others. European Maker Week is a celebration of this rapidly growing community, and it takes place between 30 May and 5 June in 28 countries.

European Maker Week banner: "a celebration of makers and innovators all over Europe"

EMW is an initiative promoted by European Commission and implemented by Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with Startup Europe. Over 80 events are scheduled for the week so there’s plenty to get involved with. And if you’re running a Raspberry Jam that week, you can submit it to the EMW website to be included on the map.

Map showing European Maker Week events in countries across Europe

European Maker Week events

This weekend, Maker Faire UK takes place in Newcastle. Maker Faire Rome, the largest in Europe, takes place in October, and their call for makers opens on 26 April – it’s a great opportunity to show off your latest Raspberry Pi project, or to attend and observe the great hacks on display in the city of Rome. This year a prize of €100,000 is available for the best maker project with the highest social impact.

Banners at the entrance to Maker Faire Rome: "16-18 Ottobre 2015" and "Scopri. Inventa. Crea."


Maker Faire Rome

There are many ways of connecting with the wider maker community. We strongly encourage you to check out a Maker Faire if you get the chance, and if you’re near a hackspace, a maker space, a fab lab or a repair café, you’ll find people there who are happy to share skills and tools. And, of course, there are Raspberry Jams around the world for you to get involved with too, such Raspberry Jam Berlin, Pi and More in Trier, and Rhône Raspberry Jam. A jam doesn’t have to be a huge event, it can be a small gathering – why not think about setting one up? Head over to our Jam page to find out how to get started!


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If you need your Raspberry pi fix this weekend then the Egham Raspberry Jam is on Sunday.

Leo White avatar

Haven’t even started getting ready for that yet :D

Getting distracted by VR, 3D printing and Eben giving talks!

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If you want to organise a maker event duting the European Maker Week (31/5 to 5/6), please apply to become co-organiser at
There are 130+ cities across Europe. Check it out!
If your city is not in the map yet, apply to organise a maker related event. Why not organise a jam, or a small workshop.
We want all make spaces, fab labs, hacker spacers, and SCHOOLs and municipalities to organise an event (big or small) during this week and to put your city in the map!

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Pity I only find out about it right now. I see there are no events in Scotland.

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Not yet! Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire took place the weekend before last, though, and if you take a look at our Jam page you’ll see there’s a Raspberry Jam in Edinburgh at the end of this month. If you tick the “Past events” box you’ll see there have been jams in other parts of Scotland too, and therefore a decent possibility that organisers might be planning future events that they have yet to add to our calendar.

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Where are you based in Scotland? There have been two Raspberry Pi events at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Other than the Edinburgh Raspberry Pi jam, the Edinburgh makers regularly meet up to build Raspberry Pi projects.

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