Bloomberg Business visits Raspberry Pi

Last month, Bloomberg Business’s Hello World show sent reporter Ashlee Vance to the UK to cover the Raspberry Pi story. We thought you might get as much of a kick out of the final segment as we did: there’s some great insight here into the wider Raspberry Pi community, as well as some great footage from here in Cambridge, where Ashlee does some punting, “which is like canoeing, but dumber and more frustrating,” with Eben and visits Pi Towers.

(We still can’t believe Ashlee went there with the last line of the segment. You’ll have to watch it to see what I’m talking about.)


Richard avatar

Oh no he didn’t did he!? LMAO :)

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I guess he was getting his own back for being told that the punting he was doing so badly at was really quite intuitive :-)

Vic avatar

Bloomberg! That is a big deal. The big guys are now starting to take notice this as a serious product, not just for education and hobbyists. Congratulations!

Dennis avatar

Around here we call that “poling a pirogue down the bayou”.

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If you see the watch the whole thing at, then as well as Dave Pride, you’ll see several more bits of the Cotswold Jam, the Kano RPi kit, and ARM. Also, Bletchly Park, and Dyson, and, if you’re sharp and don’t blink, my Quadcopter!

Ben avatar

Think Big, Jason Statham impersonator, Think Big :)

Richard avatar

Will if this raspberry pi thing don’t work out he has being a looky likey too fall back on as a job. ;) LoL

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Thanks. For those who are interested with connect 4 robot, I found more information in this blog post:

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Um, not being one for “celebrity”, who is this Jason Stathe chap?


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Damn you auto correct!

Jason Statham.

Bruce avatar

He is Eben’s movie stunt double (perhaps even a clone?). He stands in for those times when Eben needs to do some gratuitous black flips or high-flying karate kicks to defend the merits of the Pi. Don’t want to accidently damage that noggin of Eben’s which is coming up with all these
brilliant ideas you know. Maybe even need to get that shiny top insured.

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All the shots of children and most of the robots were filmed at Cotswold Raspberry Jam, Cheltenham in July. Our next event is Sat 26 Nov and you can sign up to be notified when free tickets become available from our website:

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Great segment; suprised you didn’t ‘VDU7’ 2m04s though :-)

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