Beepberry cures lack of Blackberry

This little nostalgia hit by SQFMI SQFMI was everywhere when it hit the socials last month. We thought we’d revisit it to give the project another boost and take a closer look inside this Raspberry Pi-powered Blackberry-like handheld.

Go say “Hi” to SQFMI SQFMI on YouTube

Raspberry Pi Zero W powers this portable computing device, billed as “the ultimate everyday hacking gadget”. You can use Beepberry as a straightforward pager, running iMessage, WhatsApp, and so on, or as a hackable cyberdeck device. It can, of course, run any Linux application that runs on Raspberry Pi.

beepberry rearview
Bringing sexy back


beepberry the raspberry pi powered faux blackberry with an apple and a banana for scale
We have to find a banana and an apple every time we want to show scale now?

Iconic keyboard

We thought we recognised the tiny keyboard, and the schematics are indeed based on BBQ20KBD, an open source design by Solder Party. It last featured on the blog inside this glorious Clamshell BlackBerry cyberdeck.


I don’t know whether my thumbs have grown considerably bigger since the the early 2000s or whether it’s just that my dexterity has gone the way of my youth, but there is absolutely no way I can type with any speed on an original Blackberry any more. Perhaps I’ve de-skilled myself by only having to slide my thumb lazily over my massive touchscreen phone for too many years.

Join the Beepberry community

Beepberry is so iconic it has its own Discord. Grab your invite and join in the fun. By the way, did you know you can straight up just buy your own Beepberry?


Berto, un huargo avatar

Neat! I see there’s also been other projects that SQFMI has done with that 400×240 Sharp Memory display.

I’ve been thinking about what to do with mine that I got from Adafruit, and the ideas have mostly centered around timepieces with a Pi Pico.

Bonzadog avatar

I wonder if the more powerful RPi4 8GB ( or 16GB) would be a better selection.

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