The Pi Who Loved Me

Fancy yourself as James Bond? In honour of national treasure Roger Moore, we think it’s high time we all became a little more MI5 and a little less MIDoneYet?

James Bond GIF

It’s been a while and M is worried you’re a little…rusty. Best head back to training: go and see Q. He has everything you need to get back in shape, both physically and mentally, for the challenges ahead!

Training Camp

Q here. Good to have you back.

James Bond Q

First things first: we need to work on your skills and get you ready for your next assignment. Let’s start with your reaction times. Quick reactions are critical in handling stealthy situations and avoiding detection.

Head into my office and grab a Raspberry Pi, an LED, and a button to build your own Python Quick Reaction Game. Not only will it help you brush up on your quick thinking, it’ll also teach you how to wire a circuit, use variables, and gather information. This could be key in getting you out of some sticky situations further down the line if you find yourself without one of my gadgets.

James Bond Q

Though speaking of…have you seen our See Like a Bat echolocation device? I’m rather proud of it, even if I do say so myself. Now, even in the darkest of times, you can find your way through any building or maze.

Gathering Intel

We’ll need you to gather some important information for us. But what can you do to make sure no one steals your secret intel? We’d like you to build a Secret Agent Chat Generator to encrypt information. Once you have completed it, send the information to M via this Morse Code Virtual Radio.

To do this, you’ll need a Morse Code key. You can find them online or at your local war museum, though they may not care for your taking theirs. But we’re spies. And spies are experts in taking forbidden artefacts. After all, this is what your Laser Tripwire training was for. Oh, you haven’t completed it yet?

James Bond GIF

Well, get to it. Time’s a-wasting!

Locks and Detection

You’re done? Good. Back to the intel.

Until you can find a Morse Code key, why not hide the information in this Sense HAT Puzzle Box. It’s a wonderful tool to help you learn how to create loops and use conditional statements and functions to create ‘locks’.

You’ll also need to…wait…did you hear that? Someone is listening in, I’m sure of it. Check the Parent Detector to see who is trying to spy on us.


James Bond GIF

Are they gone? Good. Phew, that was a close one. We can’t be so careless in the future. Let’s set up a Raspberry Pi Zero Time-Lapse Camera for constant surveillance of the training camp. You could also attach the camera to your glasses. No one will notice, and you’ll be able to record images of your missions – vital for debriefing.

James Bond seal of approval

Right. That’s all from me. Report back to M for your mission. And remember, this blog post will self-destruct in five…wait, wrong franchise.

Good luck!

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Other Raspberry Pi/James Bond puns include:

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Any more?


Colin Napier avatar

Do you expect me to code?

No Mr. Bond I expect you to Pi

Alex Bate avatar

Ahahahaha. Now I just need a robotic cat on my lap.

Shannon avatar

Don’t, You’ll break the Internet!

Bob avatar

Sooo true

tim Rowledge avatar

I actually do have an underground lair on a Pacific island – and I have lasers. And whilst I have no white Persian cat to stroke, Eben can confirm that I am really good at the “One *million* dollars!” thing.

SteveS avatar

The Pi Who Loved Me?

Tim Richardson avatar

The Pi Who Loved Me

Alex Bate avatar

-1: You don’t get points for repeating the blog title! :D

SteveS avatar

oops. Didn’t read the blog title, it had scrolled up by the time I got to the comments section (embarrassed :( )

Alex Bate avatar

It’s fine, Steve. I’ll berate Tim instead. You’re good.

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Tim Richardson avatar

A View to a Pi
The Living Pilights

Mik avatar

Such fantastic 007 Pi puns Have definitely brought a :-) to my face.
There is a M, there is a Q, but in the middle coordinating is a Pi

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Pierre Lejeune avatar

License to Pi-ll

Alex Bate avatar

He’s the man, the man with the Pidas touch…

Ms. Moneypinny avatar

Vodka Pi-tini, booted, not crashed.

(Bonus: check the name)

Alex Bate avatar

There was a conversation about whether or not MoneyPinny would make it into the blog. I”m glad she got in via the comments.

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Edward Patel avatar

My name is Pi, Raspberry Pi.

Raul avatar

From Raspbian with love

Alex Bate avatar

Haha, I love this one.

Prince avatar

That’s a good one. Should be the new welcome banner or motd for Pixel desktop.

Samer avatar

My favorite 007 movie was Sir Roger’s Live and Let Pi….err…

Steve avatar

The man with the golden Pi

Navan avatar

The only part I have every added to my home screen. After all you only pi once

Graham Phelps avatar

(Pyt)On Her Majesty’s Secret Servers.

Ruby Starshine avatar

Alex, very possibly your best blog entry so far!

Keep a Pi out for Oddjob and his steel rimmed HAT :D

Abe avatar

Roger Moore died yesterday.

Why this post the day after?

Alex Bate avatar

Because we love him.

Dutch_Master avatar

Bit cheap, don’t you think? (And no, that’s not a reference to the Pi price tag :-\ )

You should at least have waited until after Sir Roger’s funeral. Or mention in the opening paragraph this blog entry was a tribute to him after he passed away. Given what I learned recently about the man’s character, I’m sure he’d appreciate it, but at a more sensible time.

Rant over :-/

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Get off your cross, bud.

Mark Webb avatar

The name is PI. Raspberry PI

Zak Zebrowski avatar

When you are tired…

Pi another day!

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Never say Windows again !

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My golden PI is loaded.

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Favourite Bond theme: All Time Pi

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