Add your Raspberry Pi to the Rastrack map

Ryan Walmsley, a UK school student who is waiting impatiently for his own Raspberry Pi, has been collecting data from those who have already received theirs to create a map showing what the worldwide distribution of Raspberry Pis looks like at the moment. We’d love it if those of you who are already Raspberry Pi owners could fill in their location on Ryan’s Rastrack map (you can anonymise your name and other details) – we’re just as interested to see what the results will look like as you are!

Screengrab of the Rastrack map at 17:30 BST, May 22 - click to go to the real thing.

The map’s only been up for a day, and hasn’t been widely publicised, so it’s not very complete yet – we know there are at least 20,000 out there, with another several hundred thousand still on order. Currently, the northernmost Raspi on the map is in the far north of Norway, and the southernmost is in New Zealand. There’s one in Saudi Arabia, which surprised and pleased us, and we’re noticing that the UK is very heavily represented.

Thanks very much for working on this, Ryan; we’re finding it fascinating. And if you’re lucky enough to have received a Raspberry Pi yourself – go and fill your details in!


Ongkie avatar

When will Raspberry Pi be available in Indonesia?

fjk avatar

In next year like in other countries.

liz avatar

That’s rubbish, and you know it – it’s available all over the world right now.

cKwire25 avatar

At the rate of my order I believe “fjk”… and I am quickly losing interest!

Andrey avatar

Let me correct you. The orders are available, not RPi’s

Gido Bruno avatar

Let’s not exagerate here. The correct formulation would be: It’s available now for preorder and will be delivered probably around July.

Ralf avatar

That’s rubbish, Liz, and you know it ;-)
If they are available, why do the QtOnPi acceptants still wait for their devices?

Phil Spiegelhalter avatar

Separated from my nearest Pi by a Firing Range, a highly qualified security force, and lots of keen officers training 8-( Oh the frustration ! I almost drive past it everyday. … thankyou dogsbody! {I suppose I could drive round via 3 counties in just a few metres via very dark waters … twit twoo}

max1zzz avatar

Added mine to the map, would be interesting to see if there is anyone else in my immediate local area with one…

mihol avatar

There seems to be an error “DM Location: 5064, Australia” is showing in Switzerland.

Ryan Walmsley avatar

Wow, I’m shocked that it would be put on here :D

Well hopefully the database or VPS won’t die at all so good luck on adding your pis!

liz avatar

Thanks again Ryan! (And I do hope it doesn’t die; the DoS effect that hits a lot of websites we link to is the main downside of having so many readers.)

Bill C avatar

Can’t see any pi’s on the map :(
Is it just me?
I’ve added in my details anyway ^_^

max1zzz avatar

not just you, they disappeared for some reason

Edo avatar

I cant’t see any raspi!

Tiago Pires avatar

Excellent project!

But i’m not seeing any Rpi on the map right now. Service down?

Hermann avatar

“There’s one in Saudi Arabia,” If you click on it you see that it’s actually in Limburg an der Lahn in Germany and the one in the middle of China is in Georgetown, XT.

liz avatar

Thanks – just updating the post to reflect that now. (What a shame.)

liz avatar

…and since I posted that last comment, one genuine one has popped up in Saudi, so I’ve reverted the original post.

Geoff avatar

Looks like one made it to North Korea and is in the hands of Kim Jong-un lol

too bad there isn’t really a way to “prove” you have one before you are allowed to post on there =p

speaking of which – @Liz I vaguely remember talk of some read only memory that each raspberry pi would have that would uniquely identify it. Was this something that actually happened?

Roger Wolff avatar

The MAC address should be such a spot.
I don’t know where it’s located…

TheLini avatar

Absolutely superb idea.

It would be great if everybody could fill this in to see how far and wide these are going.. WELL DONE!

Ryan Walmsley avatar

A few bugs fixed now, at one point all of the markers did disappear from where somehow it was trying to plot it at no co-ords which then caused the system to crash.

I also did fix the problem with the co-ords for the one in china. Sorry about the mistakes but it is back up and fixed :)

Gavin j Brydon avatar

Aww I think it died again. I really wanted to be nosy and see if anyone locally had one xD. I’ll check again in the morning :-).

eth alsar avatar

Not a single one in Africa so far? That’s a real shape, Africa would be a key place for this – not just the final, educational product, but the early one too – Africans have been cobbling stuff together for ages because of lack of infrastructure, there’s no telling what innovative things will come to pass with Pi + Africa!

liz avatar

Actually, we are aware of some which have gone to Africa – but the people who own them don’t appear to have put them on the map. Yet.

Lan Hekary avatar

I am From Egypt …

and I am very interested is this Fantastic Technology …

I want to order Raspberry Pi … But i can’t find any avaliable …

can you Export it to Egypt ???

and tried to see the map … There is No Raspberry Pi on it …

Is it a bug ???

Islam AbdElNaser avatar in stock for 399EGP

Doep100 avatar

Mine is due here in RSA any day now! Will put it up as soon as I have it in my hands…

Devin avatar

First in the State of Delaware, USA! I will fire it up on Wednesday (after a work project is done) and get cracking on a project!

Robin Newman avatar

Is mine RPi the shortest delivery for RS? Corby to Oundle

Stephen Barnes avatar

Sorry, I’m in Corby about 2 miles from RS, so at the moment I think it’s my Pi that had the shortest journey!

fjk avatar

bla bla bla……. add your rpi to maps ad rpi to fb…. bla bla bla. Simple man cannot order this. Im wake up at 6 pm to order rpi, register interest up to 10 emails and still nothing. only bla bla bla on this site.. :(

liz avatar

Eben and I had a book open on how long it’d take someone to post the comment you just left. Thank you. He owes me a beer.

Mario avatar

Yeah! First two in Mexico =D

Patrick avatar

Sweet! I could be the first person to get one in my state!

Fernando avatar

Ordered mine the other day. Hope to be the first in Brazil.

Leo avatar

How did you buy? which site?
I enrolled in three sites that promise to sell the R-pi when available, but so far not received email saying I could do my request …
Unfortunately they seem to have ignored the Brazil that too …

In portuguese:
Em português:

Como você conseguiu comprar? em qual site?
me inscrevi nos 3 sites que prometem vender o R-pi quando disponível, mas até hoje não recebi email avisando que eu poderia fazer meu pedido…
Infelizmente parecem que ignoraram o Brasil nisto também…

Harry Moyes avatar

If it’s to be believed, there is one shown in Antarctica….
“Mister Penguin
Location: Victoria Land, Antarctica
Arrived: 2012-02-29”

Sadly I guess its a fake with that date..


solidpace avatar

Yeah, seems someone is a bit mad not having his/her RbP – Robert Mugabe and Kim jong-un have apparently also received their Pis…

Oh well, such is life. I’m waiting, shouldn’t be long now, :)

solidpace avatar

Ooh, this is like a game. Spot the angry internet troll. Some more:

Raoul Castro
The Dalai Lama

Edo avatar

Only 3 in Italy!
I hope to add mine soon!

Jim Manley avatar

For the first time in my life, I am literally the first one on my block to own the latest-and-greatest piece of technology! Today The Block, Tomorrow, The World! Well, OK, maybe just The Cross-Street, this week :D

It is interesting to watch them pop up in quite random places, though – there are more in sparsely-populated Idaho (two) than in San Diego (none, which has a population of well over a million), which is probably a first. There are only a handful in the entire San Francisco Bay area, which is completely unheard of for tech, being The Land of SillyCon Valley.

Great idea, Ryan!

TheKitty avatar

I clicked on the map and was blocked by Malwarebytes, it saying it prevented malicious software. Was it a false positive or has the site been compromosed?

liz avatar

False positive, AFAIK. Certainly not seeing anything dodgy from here (and I am totally paranoid).

Paull avatar

also blocked by malwarebytes

groosha5 avatar

Europe, particularly the UK, is too fruity for my liking. We need to get more raspberries in the US.

bradley avatar

now you know how the UK feels when USA get new gadgets first (kindle fire etc)

Dimitre avatar

Guys, would you please stop showing off until all the pain with production is over ? I ordered March 2nd from Allied and still nothing. Yeah- I am in San Diego, the end of the world, should probably move to Idaho…

tony avatar

Patience Dimitri, I ordered mine 29 Feb and expect to receive it in 2 weeks time. I am at the end of the world, NZ.

Mark Beckett avatar

I ordered mine for Element14 NZ (which is Aus) at 0611 GMT and I’ve had mine for a while.
After seeing the map, I managed to get the most southern Pi, which has now jumped to 7 others.


James A. Calwell III avatar

Just come to terms with the fact that the United States will never have Raspberry Pi. I have and I recommend you do the same as soon as possible.

Geoffrey avatar

Except there a quite a few people (many more than on the map) that have them in the US …

Khürt Williams avatar

Note quite true. I know someone locally (Princeton, NJ area) who has one. Of course the video on his doesn’t quite work so …

guillermo farfan avatar

Still waiting for the cnfirmation email, it’s taking so long that I’m tempted to by the VIA APC for $49

cKwire25 avatar

I would gladly add to the map if Newark/Element14 would actually ship the product instead of doing press releases saying a ship date and then not delivering. It would be nice to get before I lose complete interest.

Niko avatar

My Raspberry Pi probably will be the first in Uruguay, was shipped today :D

Patrick avatar

I don’t want to sound impatient or anything, but the pis disappeared again.

Chris avatar

Try zooming in and out there are a few “Bunched” together. More “Bugs”?

cnxsoft avatar

It does not work for me in Firefox and Chrome. It just shows the map, but no Raspberry Pis. What’s the plural of Raspberry Pi btw ?

tzj avatar

i assume it would be like sheep…

cnxsoft avatar

It works now. I can’t believe there are 3 Raspberry Pis in Antarctica. It must be a prankster. Would the Raspberry Pi work in sub-zero temperature anyway ?

Andrew avatar

RS should dispatch my Pi on the 1st June, I am counting down the days…

VIA are launching an ARM based single board computer which is similar to the RasPi:

It is twice as expensive as the Model A Pi, but all of the connectors are on one side of the board and it has 2Gbytes of on board flash. Would this flash enable the computer to boot faster than from an SD card?

tzj avatar

the built in flash has pretty much the same insides as an sd card, so i assume theres not much differnce.

Tozzi avatar

Is the site down? Is says on “” it is up, but I don’t get any content at all. Lives in Sweden, someone having the same problem?

Tozzi avatar

My office seems to block the site. With a webproxy I get this message (translated from sweden to english)

“Google has disabled the Maps API in this application. The wrench is not a valid Google API key, or it is not approved for the Google Maps JavaScript API v3 on this site. If you own this software, you can get more information on how to get a valid key here: # Obtaining_Key”

xIndian avatar

Great idea :) My RPi will arrive (according to Farnell’s customer service) at the begining of July. When it arives, I will chart my position on map :) Really looking forward to it.

Alan Dennis avatar

“Dalai Lama”- Tibet – really????

Peter avatar

I know several people in norway who have ordered…I myself ordered one from farnell and one from RS…the reason is that farnell said that mine will come after june and RS said that it will come in two weeks…so yay!

Wombat avatar

Isnt this map a Pi Chart?

Graham avatar

IInstead of a world distribution map, it should of been a pi chart! :)
My pi chart is still empty!

Mark avatar

I don’t get any map at all on IE9. Tried chrome and firefox and I get 4 worlds on both of them so I suppse that it balances out (kind of).

PS is there any kind of book running on when someone points out that Liz is only the messanger and is not personally witholding your raspberry Pi. (Though I suppose there are some people she’d like to…)

Stevie B avatar

I note that Robert Mugabe has one in Zimbabwe. I think someone isn’t taking this very seriously, or is this just a huge coincidence???

William H. Bell avatar


Thanks for the interesting map.

There may not be too many orders in France due to lack of French media coverage. In the case of Farnell, one is redirected to an English page:



SonicBroom avatar

I love how England appears to be one gigantic raspberry pi!

JBeale avatar

Looking at the names and dates on the few nearest me (CA silicon valley) it looks like half the entries are just spamming, unfortunately.

john boy walton avatar

the mass burgers are now active, as you all posted where the Pis will be and what postcode, some postcodes only have 4 or 5 houses so wont be hard to identify who has the Pi and also as some posted there names and there postcode, a quick look at the Voting registrar tells you every thing you need to know.

lets get this off and deleted before some one does start steeling them

Jmarcelino avatar

Too late it’s already on pastebin.

Thank god I didn’t put in my real data.

Patrick avatar

Really mature guys, RasPi’s in Antarctica.

Stalthy avatar

Hmm, as anyone noticed that in kiev (Ukraine) there is an rpi which says “Radioactive coolant flow controller 1”. Whats this? Has the ukranian folks gone from expensive computers to rpi ? ;)

Stalthy avatar

You can order one now, but you will not get it until July, becuase they are sold out at the moment. There is now several rpi’s in Africa so getting them there shouldent be impossible ;)

bodgy avatar

I added myself yesterday, and checked it, and today I’ve disappeared.

I always thought I was existential and now I know I am. I should be near the man from Runcorn in Brisbane.

protege avatar

I’m a bit disappointed Robert Mugabe got one before me!

Streakycufc avatar

Britain’s oldest recorded Roman town now has Pi (Colchester that is)

Graham avatar

According to the PI chart (map) the UK is in the Jam (raspberry flavour)
luckily, after entering my single use secret 32 digit code at RS PI bakery site,
can proudly announce to the world my own little one will be delivered in approx three weeks! It will be a Bouncing little Pi especially if the postman (person) has his way!

p.s. it only takes 12 digit code to start a Global Nuclear War!

Streakycufc avatar

That will be the Tiptree Jam Factory in Essex! :-)

Streakycufc avatar

Apparently Jacko has bought a Pi for Bubbles in CA (USA)

Kev avatar

Looking forward to adding my details as today I’ve had my email and been able to place my order!!!!!
Sorry for the 5 exclamation marks, but I think everyone will understand ;-)

James Rains avatar

Where in the World am I?
Unable to locate myself and some guy from the UK is in my town in US.
Can we change our info?

James Rains avatar

Everything is good now.
Only person in Nebraska at this time.

trialbyfire avatar

I see Bill Gates (Medina, WA) got one on 21-May-2012.

William Cody Winter avatar

I got mine today (28-05-2012) :)

Zoob avatar

Bleh. Been over 3 months and my order’s still in backorder… :(

killor avatar

I found it funny that already has President Kim Jong-un its RPI to PLAY and leave us alone a few days …. ;-))))

Diogo Salazar avatar

Hi, I must say I’m really concerned about this world wide delivery… I wasn’t able to order a Pi on the two websites on the first hour, registered my interest about 3 hours after the launch (actually I registered interest on both websites, twice!) but so far no contact (to place an order, I got emails with news on the Pi) from any of the vendors…

I was hoping to have one board with me before June, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. That’d be an excellent wedding gift! (I’m getting married on June 16th yay!)

Regards to all!

Nahom avatar

What do you see wrong with the above map?
The places that most desperately “need” the Pi (Africa, Asia and Latin America) haven’t go it…

Graham avatar

They might have trouble with sourcing keyboard & displays (TV) with power requirements etc! better sticking with whole systems such as One Per Desk programme.

Pauldow avatar

I just put in a US Zip Code for location, but it didn’t appear. I followed the steps to edit using a better address, and the preview looks good. When I press the Confirm Addition button I get the error:
Notice: Undefined variable: time in /var/www/ryanteck-raspi/update.php on line 48 The Email Or Key provided is not correct.
It won’t be long until the entire world will be covered in Raspberries.

Ryan Walmsley avatar

All fixed now ;)

Graham avatar

I don’t think the international space station has been raspberried, as yet!

Remember, in space, no one can hear you blow a raspberry! :)

Rudie avatar

It seems my Raspberry PI is the first one in Africa, Now to take it to the school I help out at..

Thanx! to all @ Raspberry PI…

Jonas Eduardo avatar

I really want buy this product, but don’t have anything in Brazil :(

vince avatar

You’re site sure is slow for orders. Element14 i mean. Lets them know it takes over 15min to submit a order for which i order and received a notice in today’s e-mail box for a new order of the Rasberry PI’s. So i ordered and boy it takes a awhile to get it done / ordered. Maybe a server overload? I can’t wait till my Ras PI get’s here.

Michael avatar

I am not hopeful of getting one before the year is out (U.S.). I’ve been on the interest list since 2011.

Ermanno avatar

One more PI on the map, I just received mine 2min ago :)

slambo511 avatar

Excellent work, it is nice to see I have some pi neighbours, I am thinking of starting a local club to get them all together and design new peripherals (been a while since only a wiring diagram, a breadboard and a soldering iron :-) I learnt to program on a BBC master at the ripe old age of 12 at school, good to see the proliferation of a device designed to bring back the dark arts and curb the huge swell of passive consumers of technology. Long live the pi revolution.

Fabio avatar

Someone fresh installed the web server :p

drkvogel avatar

Dead link, should be:

Steve Yang avatar

I. heard that 25000 Pi are made in China. Who buy them in China?

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