A weekend of making

We’re back at Pi Towers after a weekend of making and meeting some of our favourite YouTubers at Makers Central.

Lots of lovely people came over to tell us about their Raspberry Pi-based projects (and to raid our sticker stash). Here are just a few highlights from photographer Alasdair’s eight million terabyte SD card.

making at makers central

Visitors got the chance to rubber-glove up and take a sharp object to a slab of ice that was being transformed into the Makers Central logo. The actual ice sculptor got out a chainsaw at one point. Disappointingly, we were not permitted to join in for that part.

making at makers central

They put a miniature iron forge inside the event space. At the opposite end to the ice sculpture, happily.

makers central

This boy cleverly matched his Ghostbusters cosplay to one of the cars on display. There was also a Delorean and a replica K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider.

makers central ruth amos

We, meanwhile, chose to emulate Ruth Amos of Kids Invent Stuff. She looks delighted – no NOT harrowed, simply delighted. Loads of young people drew their ideas for hat-based inventions, and Kids Invent Stuff will make one of them in real life soon.

makers central

This little robot was a super smooth drive. It has a Raspberry Pi brain and a Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera capturing its journeys.

The buggy robot creator also had a couple of retro gaming tabletop arcades on their stand. The Star Wars-themed one definitely had the biggest queue all weekend.

making at makers central

We were devastated that we never made it round to the slime-making stand, but half the kids who came by the Kids Invent Stuff booth had a cup of the stuff, so we still got to play a little.

making at makers central

I managed to make a functioning puppet, despite not touching a sewing machine since taking GCSE Textiles at the turn of the millennium.

It took over an hour to make and it is now my best friend.

Explore maker projects in our magazines

If you were at Makers Central and picked up one of the magazines we were giving away, here’s where to go for subscriptions:

The MagPi subscription (comes with a free Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W)

HackSpace subscription

Wireframe subscription


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Absolutely wonderful to welcome you fine folks over to our Make With Makers stand too. Such a delight seeing so many amazing an inspiring young people with huge smiles on their faces.

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It was an amazing weekend! It was good to meet you folks and being an ex-teacher I’m interested in how you did GCSE Textiles whilst still in primary school.

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“photographer Alasdair’s eight million terabyte SD card”
Wait a minute!
x 1,000,000,000,000 bytes
8,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes

Are you really sure about that?

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I have access to secret technologies. Deep magic, hidden by the ancients. Or, possibly, not.

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